Family Events at McDonald’s

[AD] I’m working in a paid partnership with McDonald’s UK and BritMums highlighting the Family Events at McDonald’s restaurants around the UK.

Dear Mummy, spending quality time with my little friends and family is high up on my agenda. Recently I had a great visit to my local McDonald’s restaurant in Basingstoke Town Centre.

Family Events at McDonalds

It’s no secret that I love a trip to McDonald’s, I’m constantly pestering my folks for a Happy Meal – they don’t call it a Happy Meal for nothing! It’s one of the only meals that I gobble up in one go and I’m loving the range of choice on offer for kids. Especially now that there’s the option to add a healthy fruit bag, cucumber and even a new vegetarian kids wrap to the meal.

Family Events at McDonalds #SmilesAllRound

So when the opportunity came up for an outing with all my little girlfriends and our families I jumped at the chance! It was great seeing all my school friends and catching up with them over the school break. My folks sometimes find it hard to keep me entertained at home and rather than sticking me in front of the telly, or spending the evening tidying up messy play, it’s nice to escape the house and cause mayhem somewhere else!

Family Events at McDonalds #SmilesAllRound

It was also a great opportunity for my folks to catch up with other parents while us little ones played in the play area. It’s not often they enjoy a coffee that’s actually hot and not left to go cold on the side. Plus let’s face it, we kids don’t always enjoy shopping either so having a local McDonald’s with a play area is an ideal place for us to release some energy whilst at the same time taking a break.

Family Events at McDonalds #SmilesAllRound

McDonald’s Basingstoke Town Centre has become more than a place to just eat food, with the introduction of a brand new play area upstairs and family events happening this year! My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw the climbing frame and soft play! I had great fun exploring the structure which had built-in games, slides and tunnels just like an obstacle course!

Family Events at McDonalds #SmilesAllRound

It was just like having a party and everyone was invited for this free public event with families ducking in and out to grab balloons, play games and chat to members of the entertainment team.

Family Events at McDonalds #SmilesAllRound

There were plenty of seats upstairs which gave the parents a bird’s eye view of the play area and a food service ordering screen with table service meant that my folks didn’t even need to leave me for a second. Perfect when adults are on their own with lots of children to supervise.

Family Events at McDonalds #SmilesAllRound

We’ve always enjoyed great customer service from this branch and today was no exception, with staff on hand to offer free balloon modelling and face painting, the friendly staff bringing up our food orders and the floor staff clearing away the mess afterwards. My folks breathed a sigh of relief that we were all fed, happy and exhausted after a lot of fun.

The event kept us all entertained and we can definitely see coming back at weekends and during school holidays again to make use of free family events.

Family Events at McDonalds #SmilesAllRound

My friends and I enjoyed tasty McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets, Fish Fingers and Veggie Wraps. We think it’s great that McDonald’s are always looking at ways to improve their menu and make it healthier with the introduction of fruit and vegetable sticks and non-fizzy drinks. Happy Meals are such good value for money too, and a perfect solution for when my folks are running out of time and ideas during the holidays and weekends.

Family Events at McDonalds #SmilesAllRound

My folks even joined in on the fun with the games and chasing me around the play area! We can’t wait to see what our local store has planned in the future and once a quarter Basingstoke McDonald’s Town Centre Restaurant organises charity events. Every other day they have balloon modelling in the kids area and once a month a face painter comes into store. We’re thrilled that McDonald’s are continuing with these free family events for the rest of the year, and you can catch details of these events from local restaurant staff.

Family Events at McDonalds #SmilesAllRound

Events around the UK are scheduled for the rest of the year with loads of family fun activities taking place at McDonald’s. It’s the perfect destination to enjoy good food and good times!

Love Bella x

Disclaimer: I’m working in a paid relationship with McDonald’s UK and BritMums highlighting the Family Events at McDonald’s restaurants around the UK.


39 thoughts on “Family Events at McDonald’s

  1. There seems to be so many changes happening at McDonald’s recently, they’re really pulling off some cool building redesigns – and I guess now events too!

  2. I didn’t realise that McDonalds have play areas. I don’t recall our local one having one which is a shame as my son would love that. I must check soon!

  3. Awww wow, everyone looks like they really enjoyed themselves. My parents used to take me to McDonalds for a treat when I was younger, but I don’t think they ever had any play areas! x

  4. That play area looks fab! I wish ours had something like this – one of the local ones has just installed a play area outside which is fab!

  5. I used to love parties at McDonald’s as a kid and even know my younger cousins love them too! I don’t know what it is about it but it always seems like first choice for kids. I didn’t realise they had events like this, will have to look out for one to take my little cousin to.

  6. It looks like you had so much fun with your friends! Love that play area, I didn’t know they had these in McDonald’s. I wonder if there is one near us? I’ll be checking that out

  7. Wow, that sounds like a great event hosted by McDonalds and I can see in the faces of those kids that they are really having fun.

  8. Macdonald have play areas? I didn’t even realise. I’d have to ch eck my local one for such fun things to do with kids

  9. Oh wow, this looks like an awesome.event. My kids ised to.celebrate their birthday in McDonalds and i know gow happy it was.

  10. I love the play area, this reminds me of the McDonald’s we had growing up and perfect for parties. It’s nice to healthy alternatives with the cucumber bags being an addition to the menu.

  11. I was so impressed by the staff entertaining the kids with face painting and balloons plus the play area was AMAZING!

  12. Love seeing what else is going on at McDonald’s around the country – we had a great time at the Dunchurch restaurant’s family event too!

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